Please fix the Indian Train Problem

We Indians are very much frustrated with IRCTC. Here are a few suggestions.

1. Remove AC1 and AC2 compartments

Take a look at Mumbai Rajdhani

AC1 has 22 seats = 22x4730 = 1,04,060

AC2 has 54 seats = 54x2835 =1,53,090

AC3 has 64 seats = 72x2040 =1,46,880

You can clearly see that,

AC3 can pack 3 times more people and still generated more money than AC1

If you increase face of AC3 from 2040 to 2126.25 (just 86 Rupee), AC3 coach will generate same revenue as AC2.

2. Increase General Coachs.

SL vs General Dabba

SL has 80 seats: 80x585 = 46,800

General Dabba (Assume 100 people travel) : 100x325 = 32,500

The difference in the ticket price is SL vs General is not huge but facilities in both is a HUGE difference. Govt must improve quality of General Dabba.

a person who travels with Sleeper has a place to sleep but a person who travels with General has NO Place to sit.

There is only 2 General coach per train. This is cruelty on poor Indian.

3. Remove VIP QUOTAs

We certainly don’t see so many quotas.

“High Official”, “Parliament”, “Defence”, “Foreign Tourist”, “Duty Pass”, “Yuva”.

These are always misused by relatives and friends.

4. Remove Tatkal Quota and Premium Tatkal — Its a LOOT

Bus, Airlines, etc don’t have such a system called Tatkal Quota. why we need such a thing for which we can never take benefits.

Most people are unable to book TATKAL tickets. It is always frustrating and time wasting. It's better to play some online lotteries.

You have more chances to win a lottery than a TATKAL ticket.

As far as I know, ONLY 20% seats are reserved for Tatkal Quota.

If you cannot get your seat booked in 80%, why the hell you want to try luck in Tatkal Quota

At least, we will plan better than hoping for luck on Tatkal.

5. Second Seating

Their kind of 2nd Seating can give up to 108 passengers or more per coach. Indian want to travel. Even if IRCTC provide such seats for long terms journeys, people will adopt it.

We must target more and more passengers.

6. We don’t need your FOOD

Almost every time, we travel using AC3, etc, food is included by default. Food quality is always BAD because you have prepaid your meal.

If IRCTC stops PC (pantry car) then this will generate a lot of FOOD delivery startups and food catering startups.

You will get better food at the same price from outside restaurants and it will be delivered at your seat.

Also, once the Pantry Car is removed, you will get 1 extra Sleep coach.

7. Same Speed

From Delhi to Bhopal, the fastest train is 8 hours (Rajdhani) & Slowest is ASR-CSTM-EXP — 14 Hours

Have you noticed that your train gets stopped so that other high priority train can go faster?

A high priority (Ex Rajdhani) train generates delay in almost all the trains in its route. If Rajdhani delay 15 minutes of 10 trains and each train contain 1000 people than it means,

1000 people inside waste 15*10*1000 = 150000 minutes =105 days.

1 people inside Rajdhani waste 15 minutes each of 10 people in other trains.

Delhi metros run at the same speed and each train is just separated by just 5–10 minutes. Same speed and every train following one another will bring huge efficiency in the whole system.

It looks impossible, but Yes, it is possible to run all trains at the almost the same speed and One Train Crossing another Train should be used only when needed.

8. Privatization

USA, Canada, Brazil, Japan, etc have full Private railway system. Indian trains are fully Nationalised.

We must bring Private players to run Private trains. Increasing the number of trains will definitely solve the Indian train problem.

If you have any other suggestions, Kindly comment, I will update in the BLOG with your name.

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