How NPCI/BHIM is hindering adoption of UPI

I am here to give proof that NPCI/BHIM is hindering adoption of UPI.

Yes, I am blaming the TOP authority with proper proof.

My Story starts on 18 Sept 2017 when I identified a defect in BHIM app. and till date, I have communicated multiple times, but they are NOT fixing the defect and I have made a lot of efforts which I will show in the blog post.

18 Sept 2017

I published a detailed blog on the roadmap of UPI adoption with lots of suggests.

In the blog, I “Highlighted” a problem with BHIM.

If you see the NPCI tech doc, there are multiple ways to generate UPI QR code. UPI QR code is divided into two categories.

  1. App Generated UPI Address/QR Code
  2. Self Generated UPI Address/QR Code

App Generated UPI QR Code is like 9812398123@upi or 9812398123@paytm etc

Self Generated UPI QR Code is like 10482011012215@ORBC0101048.ifsc.npci You don’t need any Mobile App or Bank to generate it.

You can generate this kind of QR Code for anybody who has a Bank account. for simplicity, we will call them as IFSC based QR Code.

This is how it looks like. Exactly similar.

UPI QR Code for PM Relief Fund Generated from Bank account number and IFSC Code.

PAYTM and Other UPI can scan this QR Code. But BHIM app don’t

I contacted them multiple times but they don’t want to solve this problem.

24 May 2018

I created a small utility to generate a QR Code for any bank account.

27 May 2018

I contacted again with BHIM team on Twitter

I contacted Poster Boy Nikhil

9 August 2018

I contacted Dilip Asbe (MD & CEO NPCI) and Pramod Varma (Chief Architect UIDAI)).

FIXING this bug/issue need only one line of change in the source code. I did so many efforts to make it possible.

27 March 2019

I have even RE-Contacted the POSTER boy Nikhil too on twitter and no response


It is very much visible that I have done almost every possible effort to notify the problem with BHIM app. Fixing this bug/issue will give a larger adoption of UPI eco-system.

This article will give readers a small glimpse that how much efforts one need to fix one line of source code in Govt/Govt-like entities.

I blame, entire NPCI/BHIM and other stack holders for not FIXING this and becoming a hindrance of UPI adoption.

PS: Sorry in advance, If you are going to send me some sort of legal notice for highlighting your shortcomings.

Thanks but No Thanks.

Narendra Sisodiya

12+yrs exp. JavaScript Expert. Full Stack Expert. React, Nodejs Mongo AWS, Terraform Pulumi. IITian, Open Source. Currently Software Architect @

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