Beware before you click the “Save” button on your Google Photos.

Upload 2.4 GB Video file

Now, Let me upload a 2.4 GB video file. It's a 4K video and just 4 minutes long.

Tip — don’t use 4K on your iPhone. we have money to buy iPhone but not space.

Share this video to “Yug” using Album

now, I shared this video to Yug using a Shared Album.

Here comes the big Mistake

Yug clicked the SAVE button

78.6 GB

so the same file is consuming 2 times your space.

Let's clear space.

Step1 — I go to the “Photos” app and Click on Delete.

Delete that Video from Google Photos from Kid Laptop

So, I went to Kid’s account and delete the video from his Google Photos too.



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Narendra Sisodiya

Narendra Sisodiya

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