Beep Alert when Battery is below 10% — MacOS.

How about a irritating Beep sound which start when battery is below 10%


Save the following script somewhere — You can download it from too

while true;
echo ""
charging_level=$(pmset -g batt | grep -Eo "\d+%" | cut -d% -f1)
charging_status=$(pmset -g batt | grep charging | cut -f4 -d" " | cut -f1 -d ";")
echo "Cuttent charing level is $charging_level and Battery is $charging_status"
if [ "$charging_status" == "discharging" ];then
if (( charging_level < 10 )); then
echo "Battery is LOW and Less than 10% & Discharging"
#amixer set 'Master' 100%
afplay /System/Library/Sounds/Blow.aiff

if (( charging_level < 5 )); then
sleep 2;
sleep 5;



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Narendra Sisodiya

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