9 Lessons I Learned by Creating Large Frontend Web Applications and Managing small team.

Lesson 1 — Developer must help themselves first.

Developer should fix their problems first before fixing somebody’s else problem.

Lesson 2 — Great Code/Product are not written in hurry.

Always listen your inner voice and not pressure, may your product have best architecture. Ask sufficient time from CEO/CTO.

Lesson 3 — Continuous code refactor

Never focus on writing best code at first pass. Always Keep on improving your codebase. Even after your production release. Continuous code refactor will create best code.

Lesson 4 — Never commit tight deadlines.

Never agree on very tight deadlines.

Lesson 5 — Layered Architecture is fastest way to deliver

Split the code in as many layer as possible. Always separate UI Layer with Business Layer.

Lesson 6— Strictness on Code quality using tools.

Be Strict on your code Quality, Use tool to add strictness.

Lesson 7—Increase productivity of your team members.

Productivity of Team can be increased by simple tricks and continuous engagement with team and understanding their problems.

Lesson 8— Fast feedback cycle with stack holders

Make a FAST feedback cycle so that developer can get early feedback from Product Managers or Owners.

Lesson 9— Separate UI from Business Logic

Always think, the page you are creating will be replaced by some better page in 8–10 month and most of the business logic will remain same. So make the clear separation between UI and Business logic.



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